New Website Helps Buyers find Real Estate Rebates

New Website Helps Buyers find Real Estate Rebates

Ambit Digital has helped launch a new website that allows real estate buyers to find cash rebates at closing.   If you are yet familiar with real estate rebates, whether you are buying or selling a home you could really benefit from the extra cash. In the most basic terms, the real estate rebate in a cash incentive given by the real estate agent to their customer to help secure their business and move along the sale of the property.

RebatesOnRealEstate-logoHere is a brief breakdown of what are real estate rebates and how to get one from our friends at

Getting Maximum Dollar Selling Your Home
Here is how the real estate rebate works when you are selling your home. Evey dollar counts when the house is on the market, and the seller wants to walk away from their investment with as much cash as possible. If the housing market has stalled and the house is not getting much action, a real estate agent can offer the seller a rebate on the realtor commissions that they can either pocket or use to balance the price of selling the house for less money. Selling for less means the house closes faster, and the seller recoups the lost revenue by way of the rebate.

Increased Buying Power for Consumers
The way the real estate rebate works for the home buyer is they now have the ability to look for more house or use extra cash to finance the closing, pay for home inspections, or ask for a discount on the house price and use the money to make the repairs themselves. When the realtor agrees to hand over some of that commission to the buyer, it creates a more relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved. Depending on the asking price of the home, even a 1% cash rebate can equal many thousand dollars for the buyer.

How to Get the Real Estate Rebate
The easiest way to see if your realtor will offer the rebate is to simply ask for one. Best case scenario your realtor agrees to giving up a portion of their commission. The worst case scenario you find out up front the realtor can not part with the money and you simply look for a realtor willing to work with you. With the housing market so volatile, most realtors will welcome the opportunity to do business even if it means that they have to lose a small percentage of their commission.

Whether you are buying or selling a house, even a small percentage of the realtors commission can help to alleviate some of the mounting expenses that are a result of moving into or out of your new home.  If you like more research on this coming trend visit:


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